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lineage_project's Journal

Lineage Project
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A Dragcave lineage community
Lineage Project Rules

* This is a Dragcave community.

* Posts should be related to lineage projects only. There are other communities for posting your dragons, although you may link your scroll or incubator in your intro or lineage posts.

* Once you agree to participate in a lineage project, please be diligent about their rules.

* Do not fake lineages (for example, offering a Dorkface when it's not a “real” Dorkface).

* When hosting a project, please use the group format (see below).

Levels of Participation:

Level 1: Egg Grabber – willing to snag extra eggs to help name them, but not an active participant/breeder.
Level 2: Breeder Only – you own one or more of coveted lineages and are willing to breed for others.
Level 3: Project Participant – actively following, trading, and breeding for particular lineages.
Level 4: Project Host – hosting and organizing your own lineage(s).

When you join, please make an intro post. Link your scroll or incubator here, as well as what level(s) participant you'd like to be. I'll try to keep a post updated with Breeders and Egg Grabbers listed.

I'll also add a Lineage post to our memories. When you're starting a lineage, please post once with the following information:

Lineage Name:
Originator's Scroll:
Incest Allowed?:
Breeding Day:

Always use the following tags:

lineage project, [Lineage Name] You can also add your username if you like.

Once your lineage is established, you can make one post per week to organize breeding and trading. Use the tags “Breeding, trading, [Lineage Name]”. If you want to stay on top of all the news in your projects, just track those threads each week.