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New Lineage: Haggis the Fearsome

Lineage Name: Haggis the Fearsome

Originator's Scroll: Ahavah

Mother: Any

Father: Haggis the Fearsome

Pairings: Any may mate into the lineage

Requirements: All progeny of Haggis should be named in the following manner: So-and-So the Such-and-Such. This is the only requirement. I would love to see an unbroken line of descendants with that naming convention.

Examples include “Jake the Wise”, “Curse the Sudden but Inevitable”, and “Ahavah the Slamdacious”.

Incest Allowed?: Sure

Breeding Day: Currently Tuesday, but that's negotiable

About Haggis: Haggis is a Christmas dragon who immediately volunteered to be put out to stud as soon as he realized Xmas dragons were now allowed to breed. Because he's a Christmas dragon, you're almost guaranteed to get the dragon color of the mother when breeding, so he's a good stud to use if you really need a particular breed.

Also, he will eventually be the dragon that links each one of Ahavah's lineages. It would be awesome if he also linked all the lineages that sprung from this community.

His description hasn't been approved yet. I'm hoping it is approved without requiring any changes. Here's the description he has in queue:

All Christmas dragons embody the Spirit of Christmas, but there's something slightly off about Haggis. He embodies the Spirit of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Haggis has a chip on his shoulder because he was born with bright red stripes, and all of the other dragons used to laugh and call him names. He constantly got into fights as a hatchling and quickly gained the moniker "Haggis the Fearsome" after defeating the scroll hotshot, Han Sum, in three consecutive schoolyard battles.
Haggis usually smells of strong eggnog, and he loudly bemoans his holly-leaf wings whenever he's drunk. He rails against commercialism and will completely trash any yard he finds decorated with neon reindeer.
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