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Lineage Project
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7th-Nov-2009 09:28 pm(no subject)
Lineage Name: The All Right Lineage Project
Originator's Scroll: brightflashes
Requirements: Explained best in the Lineage Thread on DC Forums
Breeding Day: So far, Thursdays and Saturdays (but should be every day if all goes well)

Just wanted to say I'm real excited about starting this project and I hope that a few people will join me in getting it off the ground. If not, that's All Right ; )
7th-Nov-2009 06:42 pm - AKwolf please stand up.
the boys on the beach
I am looking to contact someone with the scroll name AKwolf. If anyone can get me in contact with them please let me know. Its REALLY important. They seem to have a lot of lineage dragons so maybe someone in this community may know how to contact them.
5th-Nov-2009 01:35 pm - Ridiculous Egg to Good Home
Lineage Project
I have a vine egg from my Ridiculous Salsa project, which I'll give free to anyone who'll give it a good home. It's born from Ridiculous Cuervo Gold & Ridiculous Serrano Pepper. It has a few lovely dragons in its lineage: There are kind of a lot of cb golds, its great-great grandpa was a Scroll 1000 dragon, and one of its great-great-great grandma's was A Hamster & her hubby Smells of Elderberries. :)

I just ask that you give it a Ridiculous name.
3rd-Nov-2009 03:25 pm - Lineage Project
Lineage Name: Xiomara/Dolan
Originator's Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/crazykiek
Both Bellatrix and Gunnvor are caveborn dragons im trying to start a pure bred black dragon lineage. If you would like to participate in this lineage project please coment here or im/email me on yahoo- Kiera_lynn_m------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ this project is on hold for now i can't seem to get these two to mate. I jsut bred these two who produced one pink egg and i have other pinks to breed it with but i am going to need another skywing, clean lineage is preferd but not required.

Lineage Name: Minty Rose
Originator's Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/crazykiek
Mother: Amaranthe Rose
Father: Mint Azure
Pairings: Mint Azure + Amaranthe Rose
Requirements: Skywing and Pink dragons only, can be classic pink or new pink, must name the offspring with a name that has to do with the color of the dragon.
Incest Allowed?: No
Breeding Day: friday/saturday

These are two of the first dragons i got so they havea special place in my heart, They've been bred before and i think i can get a full 4 eggs out of them at times. If you would like to participate in this lineage project please coment here or im/email me on yahoo- Kiera_lynn_m
3rd-Nov-2009 01:10 pm - new breeder
Hello! I have been using dragcave for a while and have bred my dragons alot but am just now starting to get intstersted in lineage. I am interested in startng my own lineage and also breeding for other lineages. Please forgive me if i dont get the lingo right just yet i will get the hang of it. Here is a list of my purebreds so far
Pure Breeds

Weather Dragons
Wayra Ilmatar(F) + Braeden Dolan(M) = Corentin Ishkur(M), Donar Niyol(M)

Red Dragons
Baldr Tyr(M) + Belial berith(F) = Firroth Suri(F)

Magi Dragons
Claribel Siria(F) + Aten Nuru(M) = Blain Majid

Water Dragons
Nerina Su(F) + Calder Guthrie(M) = Odahingum Pavati(F)

i will also be starting a clean lineage of black warrior dragons as soon as im able to breed my female again. Also i do not have incest in any of the lines i've started and do not want it in them.

If theres anything ive forgoteen or you want to know please comment and i wll reply or edit asap. You may also feel free to im me on Yahoo Messenger- Kiera_lynn_m

here is my incubater and a link to my scroll
CrazyKiek's Incubater
18th-Oct-2009 09:32 pm - Dune Eggs!
i have two Dune Pygmy eggs up for adoption:

u51m (Stephan and Wandra's egg)
l4PS (Selim and Norma's egg)

PM, IM or comment if you're interested.
14th-Oct-2009 03:15 pm - Dune Lineage Breeding
i have five eggs that should be hatched over the next 24 hours, i hope. once i'm unlocked, i'll be attempting to do some new Dune breeding. if i get eggs, is anyone interested?

*Kailea Vernius & Duke Leto (waterhorse/water)
*Selim Wormrider & Norma Cenva (pygmy)
*Wandra Harkonnen-Butler & Stephan Survivor (pygmy)

Details are at my Dune Lineage Post at the Forum.
3rd-Oct-2009 07:20 am - Just a Wee Announcement
past is done
This morning I started my own thread for Clan Mudita in the Forum Breeding Projects. It's here!

I hope everyone will come over to show your support and know that I am always up for promoting your lines as well. ;)
3rd-Oct-2009 05:12 am - Offerings This Week
past is done
Lineage Names: Mudita/Dorkface</b>


1. All offspring should have the surname Mudita/Dorkface

2. No inbreeding

3. No freezing unless incest is found

These are the dragons I have up for adoption/trade from my Clan and lineages this week:

1 Water Mudita lineage hatchling
1 Ochredrake Mudita lineage egg
1 Black Mudita Lineage egg (Gold and Black pairing)

1 Black Dorkface lineage egg (Gold and Black pairing)

Please let me know if you'd like to adopt these little ones. :) Since I'm also interested in promoting other lineages, please let me know if you want to trade some of your own line for my Muditas. Thanks!
27th-Sep-2009 03:43 pm - Free Egg! - And Request
I have a Ridiculous white stripe egg available to a good home. All you have to do is give it a Ridiculous name.

I also have breeding room, if anyone has any special requests.

Edit: If anyone can breed me a black egg from a CB black & Old Pink, I'd be very appreciative.
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